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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of cases does Stagg Wabnik Law Group handle in its litigation practice?
    We handle a wide range of cases in the Tri-State Area, with attorneys admitted to practice in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut state and federal courts. Our practice areas include commercial and general liability litigation, labor and employment litigation and counseling, trusts and estates administration and litigation, appellate advocacy, construction law, and environmental matters. Our clients range from large retail companies, REIT’s and national banks to sole proprietorships and individuals.
  • Does the firm have a core philosophy regarding client interaction?
    At Stagg Wabnik Law Group, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to partner with our clients to ensure we are always on the same page before, during, and after the conclusion of a matter.
  • How does Stagg Wabnik Law Group approach dispute resolution?
    We explore all viable options to resolve disputes, including early resolution through arbitration and mediation. Our cost-effective approach focuses on preparation and skill to achieve successful outcomes while balancing cost versus benefit. However, when necessary, we zealously and aggressively litigate to obtain the best result for the client.
  • Does Stagg Wabnik Law Group have experience in appellate advocacy?
    Yes, we regularly represent clients before federal and state appellate courts, focusing on protecting our client's rights from erroneous findings and rulings at the trial and appellate level.
  • What is the firm's experience in commercial litigation?
    Our commercial litigation practice includes representing businesses of all types and sizes in disputes involving contracts, fiduciary and fraud issues, and statutory violations. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, providing knowledgeable representation tailored to each client’s needs.
  • How does Stagg Wabnik Law Group ensure cost-effective representation for its clients?
    Our attorneys utilize strategic approaches to minimize client exposure and expedite case resolution. We aim for efficient and effective protection of our clients’ interests, always mindful of the practical realities of cost versus benefit.
  • What types of individual employment issues does Stagg Wabnik Law Group handle?
    The firm addresses discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, employment contracts, discharge and disability management issues, and separation agreements, and represents clients in union arbitrations and disciplinary hearings.
  • How does Stagg Wabnik Law Group assist businesses with labor and employment law?
    The firm provides preventative advice, drafts policies and agreements, offers anti-discrimination training, and represents employers in litigation involving any employment-related dispute.
  • Can Stagg Wabnik Law Group represent individuals in wage and hour violations or discrimination cases?
    Yes, we aggressively work to secure payment for violations such as unpaid overtime, commissions, or minimum wage. We also represent individuals who were subjected to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
  • What preventative services does Stagg Wabnik Law Group offer to businesses?
    We guide businesses through compliance with labor laws, develop employment policies, conduct audits, and provide day-to-day advice to prevent liability.
  • Does the firm handle employment issues specific to the securities industry?
    Yes, our attorneys are well-equipped to address employment issues unique to the securities industry.
  • What services does Stagg Wabnik Law Group offer in construction law?
    We provide comprehensive legal services, including drafting construction-related contracts, strategic counseling, and solutions for dispute resolution.
  • Can Stagg Wabnik Law Group assist with special construction litigation?
    Yes, our attorneys have served as Special Construction Litigation Counsel for significant projects and possess extensive industry insight.
  • Does the firm handle construction litigation, arbitration, and mediation?
    We are adept at managing litigation, arbitration, and mediation for construction disputes, including mechanic's liens and contractor claims.
  • What type of clients does Stagg Wabnik Law Group represent in construction law?
    We represent public entities and private sector clients in disputes, ensuring all legal aspects of construction projects are managed.
  • How does Stagg Wabnik Law Group contribute to the construction industry?
    Our attorneys frequently lecture and write on construction law topics, sharing knowledge and insights about the industry.
  • What types of environmental cases does Stagg Wabnik Law Group handle?
    We represent property owners, municipalities, and civic associations in environmental impact litigation involving statutes such as NEPA, CERCLA, and SEQRA, and matters related to spills, permitting, and compliance.
  • Can Stagg Wabnik Law Group represent cases involving hazardous substances?
    Yes, we handle issues involving hazardous substances and spills under New York’s Navigational Law and ensure due diligence in real estate, corporate, and commercial transactions.
  • Does the firm participate in multidistrict litigation?
    Yes, our attorneys have experience in multidistrict litigation and work jointly with leadership counsel and the Court to zealously protect our client’s rights.
  • What types of pro bono services does Stagg Wabnik Law Group offer?
    We provide legal assistance to military personnel, refugees and immigrant children, and animal shelters, and encourage its attorneys to take on cases that benefit the community as a whole.
  • What specific pro bono projects is Stagg Wabnik Law Group involved with?
    We are actively involved with the American Bar Association's Military Pro Bono Project and Kids in Need of Defense (KIND).
  • How does Stagg Wabnik Law Group support military families through its pro bono work?
    We provide legal assistance in areas such as employment law, family law, guardianship, and education disputes for service members and their families.
  • Can individuals or organizations propose pro bono matters to Stagg Wabnik Law Group?
    Yes, we encourage our attorneys and employees to bring forward matters where we can provide pro bono assistance.
  • What drives the success of Stagg Wabnik Law Group?
    Our success is founded on excellence, integrity, and teamwork both within the firm and with our clients. We strive to create a supportive environment where every team member can grow and excel.
  • How does Stagg Wabnik Law Group support its employees’ professional development and work-life balance?
    We are dedicated to our team’s growth, offering learning opportunities, mentorship, and career advancement while providing continuing legal education and bar association membership. We allow flexible work arrangements and wellness initiatives for a balanced life as well.
  • What role does Stagg Wabnik Law Group play in community and social responsibility?
    We are committed to giving back through pro bono work, charitable activities, mentoring in and out of the firm, and environmental stewardship. We value diversity and inclusion to foster a culture where everyone feels empowered.
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