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Stagg Wabnik Law Group's Construction Law Practice Group: Expertise in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution

Stagg Wabnik Law Group's Construction Law practice group is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in construction law. Our experienced attorneys handle a wide range of construction-related legal matters, ensuring that all phases of construction projects are legally sound and protected.

Blueprints and Hard hat at Construction Site

Construction Law

Experienced in Construction Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation

Our attorneys are adept at managing litigation, arbitration, and mediation of construction disputes. This includes addressing issues such as mechanic's liens, bid protests, design professional liability, and contractor claims. We are experienced in handling private and public sector disputes, ensuring that all legal aspects of construction projects are meticulously managed.

For instance, our firm has represented significant public entities in high-stakes construction disputes. In a notable case, we represented Suffolk County in a lawsuit concerning the construction and expansion of the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, involving claims of extensive delays and millions of dollars in damages. Additionally, we have handled cases involving legislative challenges related to construction and land use, such as the dispute over Suffolk County's amendment of its County Code in relation to land-related fees.

Construction Contract Drafting and Counsel

Beyond dispute resolution, Stagg Wabnik Law Group offers expert services in drafting construction-related contracts. We provide strategic counseling during the construction process and offer solutions for dispute resolution after project closeout. Our goal is to ensure that all contractual aspects of your construction projects are clear, comprehensive, and legally robust.

Special Construction Litigation Counsel and Industry Insight

Our firm's attorneys have been appointed as Special Construction Litigation Counsel for significant projects, such as the Nassau County Aquatic Center. We are also active in sharing knowledge and insights about the construction industry, with our attorneys frequently lecturing and writing on topics like mechanic's liens, architect obligations, legislative updates in construction, and subcontractor payment issues.

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