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Sometimes legal disputes seem so intractable that litigation through trial appears the only option.

However, skilled mediators like ours can break through the logjam to reach a successful resolution, saving the parties from expending significant time, energy, and resources.

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Certified Mediators in Private, State, and Federal Mediation Panels

We are certified mediators who, in addition to private mediation, sit on state and federal mediation panels. Our mediators have served as neutrals in the following areas of law: labor and employment, commercial and business disputes, real estate, trusts and estates, personal injury, securities, and general litigation. Whether you are already in litigation, have the potential for litigation, or would benefit from the guidance of an impartial third party, we can help you to negotiate a resolution.

Stagg Wabnik Law Group now offers virtual mediation using varying methods such as written submissions, emails, telephone conferencing, and video conferencing. Our virtual mediation service allows flexibility in scheduling and, most notably in these times, allows the parties and their counsel to be in separate locations. 

To schedule a mediation or for more information about our mediation services, please call (516) 812-4504 or email

Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants

Our mediation attorneys have represented plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits, administrative forums, arbitrations, and mediation. We use that unique perspective to craft options and set reasonable expectations. Decades of experience have taught us that parties' needs and goals are not necessarily legal matters. We pride ourselves on discerning the genuine concerns of the parties and crafting creative solutions to meet them.

We come to each mediation with a personalized approach tailored to each case and the specific parties involved. Our attorneys are objective and open-minded and, through patience and diligence, help the parties reach their goals.

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